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Depressed but found solace in poetry & fiction. I share exclusive works of art ranging from poems to fictions to short stories. Subscribe for terrific contents.

Image source : pixabay


If men were dogs
Indeed you’d be at peace and free
Be sure of true loyal friends
And a world missing of heartbreak or grief

If men were dogs
Orderliness would be societal norm
Be sure of respect to authorities of state
And total obedience to laws of the land

If men were dogs
Selflessness and affection would trend the day
Still, shall Smith sleep sick and sad?
Everyone would sure be at heart

If men were dogs
Racism or segregation would cease
Every class and race would really mean
Just as to the creature so…

Photo source: Pixabay

There, rattle rumble as reptile in deep pain
Lightning thunder sparking through the curtain main
Gaily children screaming heartily in great fain
Hopping and running the windy dusty lane
Old dears limping quick with old spooky cane
Nimble peons whisk frisk to catch the parting train
Brisking folks whirl around as dog lost in sane
All tos and fros is for the due rain.

Far off peasants sweat; the foliage plain
Acclaim the pleasing moment as the lowered grain
Bleary Mr Thomas gulps coffee to a drain
Hoping downpour soothes the fret; the day’s strain
Puffing my black pipe, i shut the window pane
Sank in bed soliloquising “o rain again! “.

Bello 2021 ©

Rome was not built in a day I hear
Paris no doubt either judging now by sight
See Paris and die they say
In peace surely I’d rest finally in view
With an ambiance of heavenly beauty and love
And such majestic epitome as the galaxy lights
What is more to live?
In baffle I plunged into profound gaze
Then it echoes — Paris c’est Magique!

Paris is this you
whose bosom France’s monumental treasures warmly enclose omitting not the sophisticated Eifel Tower and the iconic Arc de Triomph of martyrdom and victory from the Revolutionary to the Napoleonic?


Photo Source : Pixabay

For ease and please where’s to quest?
Home for sure if put to test
Solace we sought we long for rest
East or west home is best

Mississippi we ferried the farthest west
Red mountains ventured to spiking crest
Summer and winter weren’t great a zest
East or west home is best

Delightful we roared the treasure chest
Joyous tears dripped our battered vest
Return we took; we may perish lest
East or west home is best

Fate would bring us to a kingly fest
Giggles and cackles to the buffo’s jest
O what rebond with sparrow in nest!
East or west home is best.

Bello 2021 ©

Source: Pixabay


Heaven i bless for rose this rare
And thee unseen for an entrusting care
This love, the empire heart trend of year
This dove, this bloom in our garden square
Deluge befall man that does aim with snare
Or such foe that wish asunder near

Chateau lea we lay in sky full stare
Noting thus the silver moon flare
Stars twinkle, pecking stable mare
Better scene falses if love be made bare
O fetch us brandy! O fetch me beer!
Time to wine it is and yes my lady cheer

Noble bonny, future throne we’ll bear
Never’ll our…

Source: pixabay.


The tongue is powerful
That it can make moments awful
Of all you say you need to be mindful
Not to make people’s memory painful.

Please keep quiet
U mustn’t talk all moment
Not all your eyes see
Must your mouth say,

For many have ended
Because of words rendered
Don’t allow you tongue
bridge your life wrong

Do I make a sense ?
Or my words nonsense ?
The words sounds pointless
Probably useless
moments awaits
when you will be in a situation helpless
because of your inability to talk less.

……..I wish not to stop flowing….
…. ….my pen stopped vomiting….

by Doyenne the poetess

Bella Bello

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